Monday, 6 October 2014

They Told Me

They told me, to let go and dream of torture
And horrible things of that kind
They told me, you're only good as a thought you keep
In your head when you unlock your mind
They told me, you'll never win cause you're doomed to fail
And everything that you do just ain't right
They told me, I need to quit acting like a child
And grow up and get on with my life
I told them,


     Fuck you motherfucker fuck you fuck-die(4)
They told me, be afraid of the ones around you
Cause nobody's gunna have your back
They told me, make sure you get used to lonely
Cause they're gone when you fall face flat
They told me, it don't matter how you play the game
Cause in the end you're a loser anyway
They told me, see even when you win you lost
They forget you by the end of the day-------------------------Fuck you

They told me, to get ghost and leave the set
Ill never be a star where I'm at
They told me, you're only good as the weight you can bare
When the world is upon your back
They told me, you never win cause you never complete
Or finish anything that you start
They told me, they like to look for mistakes we make
Another reason they can pick us apart
I told them,--------------------------------------------------------Fuck you

They told me, black dreams and all the things with murder
Are really nothing more then a phase
They told me, the medication seems to be working
Erasing each and every bad day
They told me, you better leave before we call the cops
And take away what's left of your life
They told me, so I just started stabbing him and her
Who I thought was his wife
I told them,--------------------------------------------------------Fuck you